The Story of OTACI

The Story of OTACI

A young entrepreneur and a revolutionary scientist, Ph. Niyazi Kurtsan planted the seeds of Otaci​ at a compact pharmacy in Istanbul 67 years ago with the vision of healing people through the power of nature. Since then, the world has gone through several pandemics, and Kurtsan has thrived through it all.

At a time when 'herbal medicines'​ and 'natural living'​ were just a dream to many, Ph. Niyazi Kurtsan developed pharmaceuticals, remedies, and cosmetics from the miraculous plants of Anatolia, Turkey. Since 1955, Otaci has been an accomplished brand in the natural skincare, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries. We have significantly contributed to these industries through vigorous and innovative Research and Development with the core objective of utilizing nature to make lives better for humankind.

Otaci was created to protect human health through the healing power of nature. Our vision is to be a global brand that heals people with high-quality herbal products inspired by nature. Otaci is now the reliable, premium, local, and the most honest natural and herbal alternative to the daily ritual of all personal care & cosmetics.

The primary ingredient of Otaci Skincare products is Rosa Damascena. Rosa damascena flowers are picked early in the morning as the dawn washes the petals. They are then carried to our state-of-the-art facility under special conditions to prevent fermentation. Fresh flowers are poured into copper stills for hydro-distillation. Water evaporates with the heat and carries the fragrant constituents out of the rose petals into and through a condenser. The water loaded with fragrant material flows down from the condenser into a florentine flask were oil and water naturally separate. The oil that is lighter than water naturally moves above the mix. This layer is called the first oil. The water & oil compound which stays below is carried out for being reprocessed similarly with steam stripping to obtain the second oil. The mixture of first and second oil makes "Rose Essential Oil."

Rose Water produced as the secondary product of this meticulous hydro-distillation of the fresh rose petals contains nutritious juices and pure Rose Oil. The nutritious juices have a vast range of therapeutic benefits because of numerous water-soluble active ingredients that are not present in Rose Oil.

Otaci products in the US also include other natural ingredients such as shea butter, yarrow, aloe vera, and extra virgin olive oil. Combining these ingredients forms a miraculous formula that is gentle and nutritious to your skin.

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