Reasons to Use Rose Water As a Toner: Is Rose Water a Toner?

Reasons to Use Rose Water As a Toner: Is Rose Water a Toner?

It is true that rose water is a toner. Rosa damascena, often known as the Damask rose, is the source of this aroma made by steam distilling rose petals.Rose water has been used for centuries, despite its current rise in popularity.

This post will discuss the skincare advantages of rose water, products to consider, and information on other natural toners.

What is a toner, and why do I need one?

After cleaning the face and neck, a skincare product called toner is used.

After cleaning, it eliminates any remaining dirt and dead skin cells. Using a toner before applying a moisturizer or serum makes the skin softer and more responsive to such products.

For a long time, people relied on them to help restore the skin's acidic pH and remove grease from greasy, glossy skin. However, this has frequently backfired.

Salicylic acid for acne-prone faces and green tea or chamomile to soothe sensitive skin are among the components found in today's toners.

Hydration, blackhead reduction, and pH balance are all achieved using toners.

Using a toner might have certain unwanted consequences. Much alcohol in the formula is likely to cause this problem. Dry and sensitive skin might be severely affected by this product.

What are the advantages of rose water toners? 

There are plenty of advantages of using rose water as a part of a skincare routine. Among them are:

      1. It's used to treat a variety of skin issues.

The anti-inflammatory benefits of rose water are well-known.

Rosewater was proven to help reduce the redness and irritation associated with rosacea in a 2011 research. Facial redness, red pimples, and visible blood vessels are symptoms of this illness.

Even mild cases of acne, eczema and other skin conditions like psoriasis can be helped by rose water.

You may also use it to treat sunburns and sensitive skin.

       2. It contains anti-aging qualities

Vitamin A and vitamin C are among the anti-aging vitamins found in rose water.

Oxidative damage may be reversed, and the skin's collagen can be rebuilt with the aid of these products.

Skin hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and stretch marks may also be reduced due to using a product like this.

Mixing rose water into your regular moisturizer until your skin gets used to it to avoid peeling caused by increased cell turnover is recommended.

      3. It contains a high amount of antioxidants

Antioxidants are one of rose water's most important properties. This protects the skin from free radicals, which may cause damage.

Based on research conducted in 2011, rose petal extract was discovered to help protect fibroblast cells from damage caused by hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).

Researchers discovered that rose petals inhibited MAPK signaling, which occurs when cells respond to biological stresses by becoming more active.

      4. It is effective as a medical treatment support

According to tradition, Rose water has been used to treat scars, wounds, and cuts.

Traditional Iranian medicine used it as a diuretic to treat many health concerns.

Fever, breast pain, and other menstrual issues were among the conditions treated.

Which toner is suitable for my skin type?

The use of toners isn't recommended for everyone's skin type.

Alcohol and fragrance-free toners are ideal for those with sensitive skin. Using an overly astringent toner can irritate and tighten your skin.

There is a chance that it may even cause a sting when applied. 

As an alternative, look for calming and moisturizing components like aloe vera or rose water.

Final thoughts

Rose water has been used for centuries for a reason.

Natural toners like this have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant characteristics, making them great for the skin.

However, it isn't the only option for a natural toner. Research the best toner for your skin type before purchasing. It's worth the additional work to have healthy, glowing skin if you want.


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